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Acropolis of Acquarossa


The Etruscans were city builders: here economic and political power were concentrated but arts and industries also developed.

The Archeological site of Acquarossa has turned up some interesting buildings, consisting mainly of two or three room dwellings with an entry vestibule or a separate courtyard.

Many terracotta items were found, including roofing tiles, pottery, carvings and the famous akroteria that adorned the edges of the roofs.

A section of the ruins of the acropolis, protected by a large canopy, can be visited, however the area located along the edge of the hill is not visible because it is completely covered with dirt in order to protect it.

Örjan Wikander was a Swedish archaeologist who participated in several excavation campaigns at the site of Acquarossa, from 1968 to 1975, in 1978 and again in 1991.

His special field of interest was archaic technology, and his research focused on the development of the tile roofs found in Etruria. He published a great deal of material from some of the most important sites (Acquarossa, San Giovenale, Poggio Civitate).

In reference to Acquarossa Wikander wrote:

… It is impossible to determine the exact function of this area, which could be a sort of center for sacred and civil functions.