From Healer To Witch Through The Inquisition

From Healer To Witch 

Through The Inquisition

From Healer To Witch Through The Inquisition. ​By Daya Rebelde

On Sunday 30 May 2021, during the Witches and Sorcery event, Daya Rebelde gave a lecture entitled From Healer To Witch Through The Inquisition. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the conference was reduced in the topics covered. Nonetheless, it was greatly appreciated by those present who found many ideas for reflection and deepening.

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From Healer To Witch

The series of associative gatherings dedicated to the traditions of witches and witchcraft continues. We have reached our Fourth Edition, a day in nature dedicated to magic, witches, herbaria, Wicca, Shamanism and Divination! Sunday 30 May we will be in the splendid Tenuta Valle Cento completely immersed in nature with a lot of outdoor space and a private wood, with areas dedicated to seminars and exhibitions, workshops and sacred dances, esoteric market area and crafts, consultants for private divinations, shamanic circles and energy Rebalancing Treatments.

When we think of man before the Neolithic we are led to imagine a brute ape with a club in his hand, emitting grunts as the only means of communication between his fellow men. And who lives in dark and humid caves.

Nothing more wrong!

Instead, we find ourselves in the presence of an evolved, creative, egalitarian society where men were gods, deeply spiritual, who communicated through telepathy.

They lived in yurts, equipped with all comforts, and used caves and hypogea to perform rituals dedicated in particular to the Great Mother Goddess, giver of life, expression of the earth that is renewing itself, symbol of the energy of the universe.

They also went to the caves to paint, with such refinement that Picasso said he had learned from them (Altamira and Lascaux caves, Chauvet cave in France).

From Healer To Witch - Telepatia

Australian Aborigines and Inuit communicate through telepathy, the ability to be in complete thought attunement with someone else, anywhere, without using one of the five senses.

From Healer To Witch

From Healer To Witch- Crani a Confronto

Comparing Skulls (Credits:

From Healer To Witch

From Healer To Witch - Braccialetto Denisovan

The bracelet found in Denisova is dark green chloritolite. With a delicate, shiny shape, it demonstrates a high level of technological skills; a hole for a pendant less than 8mm wide was drilled with a conical drill which had to run at considerable speed!

From Healer To Witch

The giants Denisovan were the elite of ancient societies. Recent DNA studies have traced Denisovan migrations and their interbreeding with Neanderthals and early human populations in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas.

The mental abilities of the Denisovan-Neanderthal and Denisovan-human hybrids greatly accelerated the flowering of human civilization over 40,000 years ago.

Connoisseurs of building techniques, including precision-crafted tools and jewelry, bespoke clothing, and sky-aligned architecture, were the builders of Gobekli Tepe and the North American mounds.

The Denisovans, of enormous stature, are remembered in Native American legends as the People of  The Thunder. Their existence has been confirmed by fossil remains found in both North America and Siberia. In March 2010, scientists announced that they had found the finger bone of a young woman who lived about 40,000 years ago in a cave in Denisova in the Altai Mountains, Siberia.

In the same layer they found artifacts, including a stone bracelet, which were carbon dated to the same period.

The cult of the Mother Goddess was dominant in Ancient Neolithic Europe, between 7000 and 3500 BC.

A Europe inhabited by happy peoples who resided in small communities, did not know war, lived in harmony with nature.

Women played a primary role in social organization and religious life. A peaceful life that ended around 3000 BC when hordes of Kurgan, armed knights who destroyed the Gilanian societies and the peace of the peoples, began to arrive from the East.

As Marija Gimbutas, a Lithuanian archaeologist and scholar, teaches us, the Gilanian communities were egalitarian and peaceful. A piece of history that has been deliberately removed from school books.

The numerous statuettes of the Mother Goddess attest that at the beginning god was a woman and that, consequently, these societies did not contemplate the use of physical force (as an organizational, offensive and defensive tool, a male prerogative opportunistically used by the states that created armies and institutionalized and legalized repression).

The word “gilan” derives from the union of “gi” + “an”, abbreviations of the Greek terms giné (woman) and andros (man).

In the practice of daily living, everything translates into an organized and non-violent civilization, in which men and women have the same different rights and duties: men were dedicated above all to procuring food by hunting, women took care of their children and to collect medicinal herbs.

They were therefore holders of a knowledge that placed them in custody of health.

There are many caves with paintings and petroglyphs of different animals such as bison, red mammoth, owl, rhinoceros, lions, bears, deer, horses, hyenas, reindeer and huge dark cats.

This is because men were hunters, yes, but only out of necessity and created a totemic relationship with the game. So they killed, but with respect.

It was the only bloody activity of the communities of that period, there were no wars because the concept of “property” did not yet exist.

No weapons have been found in any Gilanic site or tomb, not even in the age of metalworking. No rock depiction shows war scenes.

Among these peoples, Art was flourishing and sophisticated, individuals were in constant harmony with Nature and a cult of life was professed, therefore the tools of death were neither contemplated nor admitted.

From Healer To Witch - Dea Madre di Turriga - Sardegna

Mother Goddess of Turriga – Sardinia

From Healer To Witch

There was no intention to harm or subdue, no armies, no repression, no injustices, no hierarchies, no boundary walls: in such a free and peaceful context, individuals could only be born as free and peaceful, capable of perpetuating this model of social justice.

The scope of this discovery is so great and “dangerous” that it justified its constant censorship by the institutions.

This discovery, which also split the front of archaeologists, deeply undermines our imprinting that there is no other form of power (and “civilization”) other than the state and hierarchical one.

The Gilanian societies give us proof that we can do without the state, they show us that living without sovereigns, without state laws, without hierarchies and soldiers, nourishes peace, brotherhood and forges refined and cultured consciences.

But why did the Gilanian societies disappear?

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Kurgan


From Healer To Witch

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Ferro Meteorico

Meteoric Iron – Available in an already workable form (with the help of heat) inside the ferrous meteorites that
have precipitated on Earth. It does not require fusion to be cleaned of impurities or separated from the
unusable rock material.

From Healer To Witch

Around 4000 BC the Kurgan populations arrive, nomadic pastoral tribes from the Caucasus and Siberian
areas. They had tamed the horse and knew how to forge meteoric iron to build offensive weapons.

An example of meteoritic ironwork is Tutankhamun’s dagger. The weapon, discovered in its scabbard next to
the pharaoh’s mummy, intrigued archaeologists for a long time due to the skill demonstrated by the
blacksmiths who participated in its construction.

The Kurgan peoples practiced rudimentary agriculture, they knew the light wheel, the one with the spokes,
which gave greater speed to the chariots.

With arms they subdued the peaceful Gilanic peoples.

The Bible mentions Tubalcain, the mythical blacksmith of the (male) Gods, “who first made weapons for assassins”. This definition makes us understand that before the Kurgan humans did not kill other men, but only animals to eat them.

With the Kurgan a hierarchical and pyramidal society was born, based on force and predation.

The woman lost her ancient power and everyone was subjected to strict rules and self-styled divine laws becoming permanent slaves.

The culture of domination and the pyramid structure was born where a small oligarchy commanded the many. And the idea of ​​private property is born: the social system becomes patrilineal and patriarchal.

Art is that expression of the human being that reveals, tells, synthesizes the social context and culture of a people.

The rock paintings found inside the caves demonstrate a remarkable technique and great sensitivity.

One example is the magnificent cave paintings and carvings in the Chauvet Cave in southeastern France.

Discovered in 1994 by speleogist-archaeologists Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel Deschamps and Christian Hillaire in Vallon-Pont-d’Arch, Ardèche (France), the cave preserves the oldest cave paintings in the world regarding representative art , having been perfectly sealed by a landslide and therefore remained walled up and inaccessible to humans and animals for thousands and thousands of years.

The masterpieces of this sort of chthonic sanctuary extend for five hundred meters. The cave has been named “the prehistoric Sistine Chapel” and is immortalized by Werner Herzog in the documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, among others.
On the walls there are 447 paintings of animals of 14 different species. Radiocarbon dating has established that they date back to no less than 37,000 years ago, ie the Aurignacian period.

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Grotta Chauvet-Cavalli

Chauvet cave – Horses

From Healer To Witch

These works are in stark contrast to the geometric art of much later periods, as if man had regressed for millennia.

A particular case is the art that can be admired in Crete. Being an island, it was the last Gilanic bulwark that resisted the invasion of the Kurgan peoples, until 1500 BC.

School books have taught us to associate the “Minoan” attribute with Crete, since Minos was a Cretan king. 

But what was there in Crete before this despot ruler? How did the Gilan Cretans live? What do the artistic finds tell us?

In the famous palace of Minos, in addition to the refined architecture of the palace itself, you can admire splendid decorative frescoes.

One above all, the one known erroneously as Bullfighting. Never was the title more wrong.

In fact, bullfighting implies the killing of the bull: but not all of this is represented here.

The fresco instead depicts three young people, two women and a man, who perform exercises of Taurocatapsia, or the leap of the bull.

Boys and girls were in fact trained to perform dangerous exercises during sacred holidays. The participants had to spin on the back of the running bull.

The Taurocatapsia was, in fact, a game of strength, timing, dexterity and elegance. The athlete had to demonstrate that he had the skills of courage, coordination and vigor.

Nothing bloody towards the bull.

From Healer To Witch - Taurocatapsia


From Healer To Witch

Books and mass media in general have always taught us that “civilization” (with all the weight of this word) began where the first states, the polis, the great monarchies (Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians) arose, Assyrians, Hittites, Phoenicians, Greeks …).

As if before the birth of the States there had been only clans, uncivilized tribes of men and women, little evolved, almost beasts, and even disorganized.

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Egizi

Ancient Egyptians: the pyramidal civilization in every sense. At the top was the Pharaoh, who could speak
with both the divinities and the human world. Following are the more privileged and less numerous social
classes. Lower down, the lower classes, more numerous.

From Healer To Witch

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Etruschi

In Etruscan society there was no clear separation between the sexes, neither in everyday life nor on public occasions. In Etruscan namespaces the matronymic was also added to the patronymic.

From Healer To Witch

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Greci

The Greeks: fortified city-states. The aristocrats were the people who had the most power, followed by the traders. Most of the population was made up of farmers, ranchers, fishermen and workers. They could not participate in the political life of the city. Finally there were the slaves, who were not free people.

From Healer To Witch

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Romani

Romans. Society was divided into three social classes: patricians, plebeians and slaves. In a few hundred years the Romans became the masters of most of the then known world. The architect of their conquests was the army, well trained, disciplined and technologically advanced. These conquests were maintained thanks to the Roman government apparatuses, legal certainty and universalism.

From Healer To Witch

From Healer To Witch - Madonne

The Goddess of a Thousand Names

From Healer To Witch

On the contrary, these prehistoric societies were organized in clans or tribes that we can imagine as a circle around the two main figures, the huntsman and the shaman, who could also be women.

The power of women was understood not as domination but as the ability to illuminate and transform human consciousness.

A power, therefore, not earthly but spiritual that is expressed not only in knowledge and wisdom, but above all in truth, love and justice.

The Mother Goddess was then venerated in her triple aspect: the Young, symbol of the new beginning; the Mother, generator of life, available and compassionate; the Old Wise, representing the culmination of life in total knowledge and experience.

These qualities will later be attributed to the Virgin Mary but with some significant omissions.

In fact, Mary is a virgin, an eternal adolescent who never becomes a mother except in an almost abstract sense, which aims to take away from women her greatest power, that of creating life. Maria is no longer the great Goddess Isis, Astarte, Kuan Yin, Bastet.

The Goddess of a thousand names becomes the humble and submissive container of a male concept, the son of God. Everything becomes abstract, cerebral as in the Greek myth of the creation of Athena from the head of Zeus.

The power to create is transferred to the patriarchal God, seated on his throne high in the heavens, separated from Nature, furious and vindictive.

With the Greek religion and subsequently with the Council of Nicaea, held in 325, convened and presided over by Emperor Constantine I, we want to give order and rules to the spiritual part of the human being.

Men obliged to chastity dictate the norms on the sexuality of others, on the value of women. We remember Augustine of Hippo who said: women are the vessel that contains all impurities!

The patriarchal religion was born which will mark the end of the ancient spirituality linked to the cult of the Great Mother. It follows the alienation of man from nature and from himself, the effects of which are very evident in today’s society.

In medieval times, women were considered physically weak, morally fragile, creatures to be protected. Subjected to the surveillance and guidance of men to whom they owed absolute obedience.

Women, still repositories of ancient knowledge, become “witches” in the most negative sense of the term. Between 1227 and 1235 the Inquisition was established against “witches” and against “heretics” with a series of papal decrees that also authorize the use of torture to extort confessions of witchcraft from suspected women.

In three centuries it is estimated that millions of people were exterminated by witchcraft, 80% of which were women and girls.

Da Guaritrice A Strega - Caccia allae Streghe

Witches Burned At The Stake

From Healer To Witch

In the archaic and so-called pagan world (from pagus, village) magical practices were used very frequently with beneficial purposes (to heal diseases, invoke rain).

The Christian religion itself adopts some roles that the ancient mother had in previous times. It uses its symbols and ritual practices.

Just think of the calendar of Christian holidays that coincide with many so-called pagan, in particular Celtic.

Even today, in the month of May, those ancient cults of pagan origins are renewed, dedicated to the Mother Goddess and linked to the renewal of nature in spring and abundance, to which Christian celebrations have been superimposed.

However, wisdom and knowledge are taken away from Our Lady, Virgin and Mother. Universities were born where only the male component of the population could access.

They appropriate medicine and the mysteries of conception, childbirth, life. The woman becomes only a “shell”.

The inquisition succeeded both in almost totally erasing the magical abilities of the human mind, and in depriving women of their role as doctors and priestesses, and medicine became a male activity, even in areas where it is absurd, such as gynecology and in childbirth assistance.

The initiatory traditions were almost completely canceled or forbidden, contrary to what happened to the male orders which were secretly and legitimately transmitted. The role of women becomes subordinate in every area of ​​social life.

Santa Cristina da Bolsena is a metaphor for this destruction. Originally called Vorsinia, the saint embodies martyrdom, a practice very dear to the early Christians, who are adamant in the belief that death would have been better than a return to old beliefs.

A little-known legend says that this saint suffered every kind of martyrdom, was tortured, thrown among snakes, burned, and finally drowned in Lake Bolsena.

And every time he managed to survive.

This figure is the image of the slow death of the Goddess, dismembered into a thousand pieces, which each time rises like the Phoenix. Even now in the cult of the Black Madonnas we see clear traces of the Great Black Goddess.

Santa Lucia, whose name means born with the light, represents the third eye that is blinded. The third eye of the chakras, if fully opened, allows you to acquire a higher awareness of the events allowing you to notice details that were not seen before.

The birth of Western civilization takes place, therefore, more or less around 5000 BC, according to the official history.

Before that time, nothing existed, only brute cavemen.

We are in the presence of a program that has falsified history by cutting away at least 15,000 thousand years of civilization.

The idea of ​​a Gilanian society where one can live without hierarchies and soldiers, which nourishes peace, brotherhood and forges refined and cultured consciences is so dangerous that it justifies its constant censorship.

It undermines the imprinting that there is no other form of civilization other than the warlike and divisive one.

The studies of Marija Gimbutas and Riane Eisler (anthropologist) move in a terrain of social commitment with a markedly female orientation around the end of the 60s of the last century, attracting opposition from every academic of the time.

This cultural misunderstanding has overshadowed the importance of their studies. The society we belong to has a hierarchical and undeniably patriarchal structure, in which the family surname (arbitrary descent) derives from the father, while the genome (objective descent) is transferred from the mother to the children.

In this type of society, in order to free herself from millennia of slavery, the woman has emancipated herself by assuming a pseudo-egalitarian male role, which has distanced her from the sacredness of her Feminine, also taking away from the man the sacredness of her Masculine.

Today it is necessary to rediscover the Goddess within us, the feminine qualities of welcome and compassion, nurturing and love, collaboration and sharing, to counter the belief that we need organized social and religious structures, which is transforming into a gigantic thought-form enslaving.

I reject the assumption that the term civilization necessarily refers to male warrior societies. The basis of any civilization lies in its level of artistic creations, aesthetic achievements, non-material values ​​and freedom, which give meaning, value and joy to life for all its citizens, as well as a balance of power between the two sexes. ~ Marija Gimbutas

From Healer To Witch - Marija Gimbutas

Marija Gimbutas

From Healer To Witch

From Healer To Witch - Daya Rivelli

Daya Rebelde

From Healer To Witch

Daya Rebelde is available for Conferences and Meetings where you can continue talking and exploring another version of History.

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