Psychic Archeology

Psychic Archeology

Seeing With The Inner Eye

Psychic Archeology – Great Cosmic Memory.

In contemporary society, the interest in mysticism and spirituality is paving the way for new and revolutionary interpretations of history, human evolution and ancient civilizations.

The existence in the human being of a spiritual principle and a vision of reality in its immaterial essence meets resistance especially in the archaeological field where the knowledge of the past is based on tangible evidence and for which the only reality that can truly exist is the material.

Starting from the above principle, we feel we can affirm that traditional archeology is limited, obsolete and often has not obtained the right answers on antiquity.

Archeologia Psichica - Origini dell'Uomo

The Truth About Man’s Cultural Origins

Psychic Archeology

In psychic archeology the truth about the cultural origins of man is obtained through mediums who have the occult power to actually visit the past through visions and to communicate in various ways with the perispirits.

Attitudes and perceptions derive from a sensitive experience, which leads us to obtain objective information, which the receptor does not possess at a logical-rational level but which are reflected in reality.

“Matter seems to lose the consistency that is generally attributed to it, and the entire universe seems to be intertwined in some way with a sort of creative agent, of will, which seems to guide it along the lines of an already existing yet evolving project.”

The orientation, within these reflections is not easy and it does not seem appropriate, here, to even try to start an argument that would take us far and perhaps anywhere.

The discoveries and conclusions made through psychological archaeological research are often rejected by the international scientific community.

The most ardent detractors believe that, especially in a country like ours, given the huge amount of archaeological or potential sites, it is quite easy to arrive at archaeological discoveries.

A rather superficial consideration given that it does not take into account that the psychic seeker knows what to look for and where to look for it.

There is a relationship (affective, painful, sensory, etc.) established between people and places. The problem seems to be just that of measuring it and verifying it empirically.

These are sensations and perceptions that each of us can experience but that life “altered by materialism” has tried and charged to cancel.

A trivial example is the horrible expression “to feel”.

Archeologia Psichica - Siti Archeologici

Relations Between Humans and Places

Psychic Archeology

Who hasn’t happened to meet a person or visit a place and immediately feel repulsion or empathy?

This is not just a matter of instinct. It is energy that every animal, plant, rock, object emanates and which is received by those who are in the same vibrational frequency.

If anyone needs an academic quote, they are satisfied:

Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Tune in to the frequency of the reality you desire and you can’t help but get that reality.

Albert Einstein

Psychic Archeology – Mario Signorelli

Archeologia Psichica - Mario Signorelli

Mario Signorelli (Credits:

Psychic Archeology

Archeologia Psichica - Macchia Grande

Macchia Grande (

Psychic Archeology

Mario Signorelli was born in Viterbo from a noble family descending directly from the famous painter Luca Signorelli. Graduated from the Academy of Santa Cecilia, in 1925 he published a study on the music of the Etruscans in Musica d’Oggi. His most famous book is In the Hallucinating World of the Etruscans.

In this work Signorelli describes how the Etruscans themselves guided him, in the 1960s, in his research and which will lead him to the discovery of the disturbing archaeological reality, arising from the mediumistic intuition, of the Riello – Macchia Grande, near the city of Viterbo.

Here are the ruins, according to Signorelli, of an Etruscan settlement built on the structure of a prehistoric village dating back to fifty thousand years ago.

Unknown energies invest the archaeologist, sending him messages, words, images, “information” about sacred areas, roads, public buildings of the Etruscans, amidst amazing experiences, metapsychic phenomena, real states of trance, apparitions that are intertwined with magical phenomena .

The analysis of the places discovered will lead Signorelli to elaborate his theory of the Etruscan world trying to reduce the official belief that the ancient populations would have limited themselves to leaving evident necropolis but not houses, streets, temples.

I remember that Signorelli was keen to emphasize that he did not speak to the Etruscans. But they were the ones talking to him. He said things very naturally and regretted that the city authorities did not listen to him. Signorelli revealed to me that relations with the Etruscan spirit entities were intended to save today’s generations. Adding that “Our existence is on the brink of collapse: injustice, hatred, greed for earthly things, have turned man into a barbarian. We can only be saved by returning to the simple and serene life of the Etruscans: I reveal their message of peace, hoping that someone will listen to it. I can’t do more … “

(Vincenzo Ceniti – Console di Viterbo del Touring Club –  Intervista a Mario Signorelli per la rivista Tuscia – 1983 )

Psychic Archeology – Umberto Di Grazia

Psychic Archeology - Umberto di Grazia

Umberto di Grazia

Psychic Archeology

Psychic Archeology - Torre Spadina

Torre Spadina – Capranica

Psychic Archeology

We can affirm that there are unconventional methods of archaeological research and Umberto Di Grazia, psychic and sensitive researcher, is undoubtedly the greatest exponent. Born in Viterbo, Roman by adoption, thanks to the application of his faculties he was able to make some important archaeological finds in Lazio and beyond, including the Temple of the Ypsilon in Torre Spadina near Capranica.

It has often happened that the revelations of Umberto Di Grazia were not given the right value, while demonstrating how the application of the PSI faculty can help to acquire knowledge in the archaeological field.

Umberto Di Grazia personally experiences particular phenomena of the human mind, ranging from introspection with retro-cognitions and precognitions, to telepathy and intuitive archeology, to psychokinesis phenomena for which “a living being seems to be able to act on the environment that it surrounds him, according to unknown ways, different from the usual ones “.

Emilio Servadio, founder of the ‘Italian Society of Psychoanalysis’, wrote:

“Umberto Di Grazia was able to develop a series of physical and mental exercises, which allow you to open yourself up to the messages of the mind and the unconscious. These are simple and pleasant techniques, which broaden the sensitive faculties of the individual, making him able to perceive energies and vibrations that make up the entire cosmos. This method called “Biostimulation” aims to unite both external and internal opposites and induce an amalgam of energies and inner harmony, such as to consciously feel part of the whole”.

Psychic Archeology – Daya Rebelde

La Grotta Delle Stelle - Daya Erborista

Daya Rebelde

Psychic Archeology

Archeologia Psichica - Grotte dei Numeri

Nature and Its Energies

Psychic Archeology

Daya Rebelde, a preparatory herbalist, inherited her love for herbs and the recipes of her ancient remedies from her grandmother Beatrice.

Owner of a tiny artisan laboratory since 1987, he passionately carries out a line of strictly Bio and Vegan products.

Independent researcher and scholar of esotericism, she lives in the Tuscia of Viterbo, a land of mysteries and wild nature that provides her with the herbs for her products.

He gives lectures and seminars on the Civilization of the Goddess and leads guided excursions to the unknown places of his magical land.

In 1993, following various psychic phenomena of an extrasensory nature, she became a pupil of Umberto di Grazia, who helped her to develop a particular gift, that of psychometry, that is the faculty of seeing with the inner eye phenomena and events that occurred in a specific place, even in very remote times.

Following a path of signs and synchronicity, he discovered an entire megalithic complex hidden in the woods of Tuscia, a find comparable to the famous astronomical observatory of Poggio Rota, found in 2004 by Giovanni Feo in the woods of Pitigliano.

Psychic Archeology – Frederick Bligh Bond

Psychic Archeology - Frederick Bligh Bond

Frederick Bligh Bond

Psychic Archeology

Psychic Archeology - The Gate of Remembrance

The Gate of Remembrance

Psychic Archeology

Frederick Bligh Bond, architetto e storico rispettato, un giorno di novembre del 1907, entrò in contatto con lo spirito di un monaco medievale di nome Johannes.

Frederick Bligh Bond, a respected architect and historian, one day in November 1907, came into contact with the spirit of a medieval monk named Johannes.

Over the course of 70 sessions, Bond sketched out detailed plans of Glastonbury Abbey, transmitted by Johannes, which proved to be largely accurate.

But archaeologists did not share Bond’s methods who instead developed a genuine belief in the academic value of psychic contact with spirits.

The first message from the monk Johannes that Bond receives through automitic writing was: “All knowledge is eternal and is available to open minds.”

A torrent of communications flowed from the spirit world into Latin and provided very specific answers to Bond’s archaeological puzzles. A kind of telepathic action that linked him to a “storehouse or treasure trove of past knowledge”.

Frederick Bligh Bond has published a book on Glastonbury, The Gate of Remembrance where he presents the theory of a collective unconscious, “a larger field of memory, a cosmic record”, which historians had to access as part of their mission to understand the past.

Bond believed that automatic writing was a direct link to a collective consciousness that transcended time and space. He called this the “Great Memory”, a “cosmic record” of all human experience and history.

Unlike the religious notions of the afterlife as a place of rest, reward or punishment, Bond envisioned a gigantic psychic archive of great practical value for archaeologists. Bond sought to bring that sense of expansive possibility into the realm of scientific fact.

His standard of proof was different from others: psychic archeology was supposed to go beyond sensational appearances to develop a profound and meaningful connection with “that broader field of thought and experience we call the past.”

Psychic Archeology - Philip Rahtz

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Psychic Archeology

British archaeologist Philip Rahtz, known for his academic contribution to medieval archeology, did not share Bond’s thesis.

In the 1960s, his research focused on excavations at Beckery Chapel, in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Glastonbury, whose fame lies in its associations with King Arthur is also considered the mythical seat of Avalon. In his intense work, Rahtz has always “tried to untangle the myths from the truths”.

But how and who establishes what is myth and what is truth?

According to Rahtz Glastonbury had become “the mecca of all irrationality”, a paradise for “hippies, weird, marginalized and psychopaths”, a place synonymous with music and mud.

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